American Pastors Network Leaders Return from Ukraine Summit

Amid Struggles, Ukraine Looks to Biblical and Constitutional Principles for Strength, as America Shuns Founding Tenets PHILADELPHIA—Key leaders of the American Pastors Network (APN, returned from an International Leadership Summit in Ukraine, working with and encouraging pastors and elected leaders there who are making a concerted effort to embrace American ideas to restore the…

The Untold Story in Crimea: Christians Accused of Dissension and Hatred

PHILADELPHIA—  The American Pastors’ Network (APN, has received firsthand information from an APN pastor who is on the ground in the Ukraine, reporting that as the crisis in the Ukraine intensifies, freedom-loving Ukrainians and Christians generally are being accused by Russian officials of instigating Russian hatred throughout Ukraine as a pretense for Russian retaliation….

Obama Warns Putin After Crimea Votes to Join Russia

U.S. President Barack Obama told Russian President Vladimir Putin Sunday that the “referendum,” in which voters in Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula allegedly supported joining Russia, will “never” be recognized and preparations were on to impose “additional costs” on Russia for its actions. Of the 1.5 million eligible voters in the Crimean referendum Sunday, more than 80…