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Humanitarian Aid For Ukraine 🇺🇦
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Our Ukrainian Odessa team hard at work. We brought 3 tons of supplies to Odessa this week. These men and women serve here at the local church. 5 days a week they hand out food supplies and preach the Gospel. Thank you to all who have donated! You are helping and empowering the Ukranian believers to be the hands and feet of Jesus! 🤝
Good evening,
I’ve been in country for a little over a week now. May 2nd is the 8 year anniversary of the Midan Revolution which resulted in 40+ deaths in our town alone (many more in other cities). To minimize the chance of attacks by pro-Russian separatists, they enacted a curfew from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning. While we’re unable to work, it gives me a little time to write updates and catch up on my ‘To Do List’

We left Denver, CO (on Thursday) with 36 bags of trauma supplies and medication. We traveled for about 36 hours straight through from Denver to Odessa Ukraine (arrived Saturday morning).

After arriving on Saturday morning, we took the day to recover and prepare for Sunday’s Resurrection Day Celebrations (they celebrate Resurrection Day on a different week here). After fellowshipping and refreshing ourselves, we set out early Monday morning to deliver food, water and medical supplies to the front.

The towns closest to the front are currently cut off from running water, electricity and many other basic needs. We delivered 3 and a half pallets of bottled water, food and all 36 bags of trauma supplies. This trip took all day despite the front only being 40 minutes away from our base. So many moving parts go into a ‘simple’ day trip to the front, it’s kind of mind blowing. We also met with medics that are working in far forward positions, to assess the possibility of bringing in medical staff. More to come on this later.

Then on Wednesday, we drove up close to Kyiv and met with Wayne Hursh and his family. They are part of the conservative anabaptist church here and are working to source food from local farmers and warehousing / sorting / distributing. They gave us 3 and a half tons of rice, pasta, flour, cooking oil and pre-boxed care packages to take back with us to the southern part of Ukraine and distribute. We look forward to working with them in the future to create a pipeline of supplies to the hard hit areas in the eastern part of the country.

As I mentioned before, Ten Men Project and the Armada Network’s focus is to support and empower the local body of believers and pastor network.

We are making efforts to partner with other groups to expand the impact we can have via this massive network of pastors. Many groups, have the staff, vehicles and supplies, but many times they don’t have a contact in the towns that are hit the hardest, therefore, they end up going in blind many times. With our connections in the Ukrainian church, we’re able to call ahead to almost any town in Ukraine, and set up supply drops and evacuations.

As we partner with other groups to expand our delivery/ evacuation capabilities, we are planning to rent a warehouse here. This will serve as a base of operations for our teams. We will be able to house teams, host medical trainings and most importantly, store, package and deliver food and medical aid through most of eastern Ukraine. We hope to finalize a year’s contract at $500 a month, this coming week.

This week, we plan on traveling to a different part of the front, to assess needs and shake hands with more of the contacts I’ll be coordinating with.

A few things to pray about:
1. Pray for the people of Ukraine. Pray that God would continue to work a mighty work, and that the church here would seize it’s opportunity to grow and be a beacon of hope in these extremely dark times.
2. That I would be able to maintain focus and energy for the task before me.
3. That I would be able to learn the language quickly.
4. Pray for a hedge of protection for the church and people of Ukraine. There are many reports that the fighting will get MUCH worse in the next few months. Pray Psalms 37:15
5. Pray that we would be able to continue to raise the funds needed for this long term project.

Adriel S