A nation fights for faith and freedom.
America’s pastors respond.

Since 2013, American Pastors Network has partnered with Ukrainian Christian leaders and government officials to promote the virtues of Biblical and constitutional principals in a rising democracy. Today as Ukraine fights for freedom APN is keeping Christians in Ukraine connected with American friends, while provided direct financial aid and support to a battered but unbroken church.

10 Men Initiative

Special Update

Tune in for this special July 20, 2022 update!

Special Stand in the Gap Today Show

Listen to this special Stand in the Gap Today broadcast to learn more about the call for 10 Men and to hear directly from a Ukranian pastor.

You’ve heard of minutemen?

We are looking for 10 men.

We are sending teams of 10 men with $10,000 in their pockets to Romania where we will purchase $100,000 in humanitarian aid, load the trucks, and see that it gets into the hands of Ukrainian pastors.

We need 10 men with strong backs who can work hard.

Romanian pastors are doing a fantastic job hauling supplies into Ukraine. Pastors working side by side are distributing aid through the local churches to counter the devastation of war.

Now it’s our turn to step up. They are exhausted, running out of supply, and need immediate assistance.

It’s 10-10-10.  We are looking for 10 men with 10 thousand dollars to share 10 days of their life working hard, serving hard, and saving lives.

Are you one of the 10?  Email us at tenmen@americanpastors.net for more information.

What it takes to join:

Many people have asked me “What can we do to help Ukraine?” Here is an opportunity where you can share with your pastor or church leadership and ask them to send you as a representative. Raise $10,000. Receive special offerings. Share your heart and passion. Talk to the guys down at the barbershop. Give us a call and we can walk you through it!

Any donations you receive can either flow through your local church with the total offering going to the American Pastor’s Network, or use our online giving at www.ukraineinitiative.com for each donor. Done this way we can give everyone a tax receipt, and better coordinate the team’s readiness.  Before take off, you will be given an envelope with your $10,000 in your trust to represent those who are sending you!

We’ve been asked, “Why ten thousand dollars?  “Because $10,000 is the maximum you can carry out of the country without declaring it, and we want to give the pastors our maximum!

“Are there other costs?”  Yes, as we approach the departure we will need to collect airfare. Stay tuned for estimates, but budget from $800 to $1500 for round trip tickets.

“Can anyone go?” In fact, no.  Every person needs to have a letter of recommendation from their pastor. We want to express the love and care of your local church family to those who are working so hard in Romania, and those who are suffering in Ukraine. Everyone who goes represents those who give, those who pray, those who love.

Are you one of the 10?  Email us at tenmen@americanpastors.net for more information.

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